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LambdaWorks transforms ambitious ideas into fully deployed applications

Small, focused teams passionate about building with the right tech

Technology that scales with the product as it grows

A range of development services under one roof ensuring the product adapts and matures


Full development at every stage of your product's growth

Custom software development is often full of surprises, technical puzzles, and bursts of inspiration. Instead of planning every stage of development upfront, we outline a broad plan and build the product in small chunks, allowing us to adapt as your product grows and evolves.



Python, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript


Scalatra, Django

Business analytics

Looker, Metabase, Segment, HeapAnalytics, MixPanel


Redis, Cassandra, DynamoDB, Apache Ignite Redshift, Apache Druid


AWS Lambda, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, Heroku, SemaphoreCI, Jenkins

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We make amazing happen.

We make amazing happen.

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